How To utilize The Fireplace Ashes

Ash is the wood residue obtained from combustion of wood and other plant materials. Ashes collected from the fireplace might be pleasant. They appear messy and might even lead to some minor health problems such as sneezing due to the ash dust produced. Ashes are also known for interfering with the beauty of the wood burning unit.

However, instead of focusing more on the mess caused by wood ash, this product can also be used positively. Ash has been used in various applications since the early 18th century. Ash contains high levels of potassium, potash and potassium carbonate. In fact, this product was widely used in Britain in the late 1700s as fertilizer. They used to import ash from North America.

These are the major benefit of uses of wood ash

Help your plants and trees

Trees can benefit greatly from the wood residues. The ash produced from the hardwood trees is spread at the base of the plants or trees. This helps in improving the nutrition of the surrounding soil. Trees can then absorb these
nutrients from the soil. The potassium found in ashes helps the plants to flower and bloom. Potassium is one of the primary macro nutrients need for plant growth. This powder can also be added in the planting holes together with your seeds during planting. This improves the growth of plant upon germination.

Sprucing up your lawn

There are some soils and lawns which benefit greatly from the addition of a little ash. This ash is added in water and then spread lightly over the grass to promote its growth. However, you must be very careful since too much of this ash can be toxic to your lawn.

Removing stains

It is used for removing stubborn spots of stains from concrete and furniture. You just need to scoop some ash and wash thoroughly using water to clear the stains. It can also use for removing paint stains by pouring its powder on the spills and then scrub the surface gently. The surface is then wiped off using a non-abrasive rag.

Repelling rodents and insects

Both insects and rodents are easily repelled by ash especially around the fireplace. You can use this ash in your flowerbeds and garden as it helps in keeping away snails as well as other pests which might ruin your harvest. This is done by spreading the ash powder in the garden.

Melting of ice

Ash is poured on the icy pathways to melting the ice. It is also used for unfreezing the garden areas. A thin layer is used for defrosting the icy places during winter.